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What if we said:

Delivered On Time or its FREE*

Satisfied with the fit or its FREE*

Would you believe us when we said that we are focused on service and quality?

Can you be on the phone with your tech in less then 20 seconds 95% of the time?

Do you feel like your dental lab plays bait and switch on quality?

Do you have a dedicated tech that you talk to by name at your dental lab?

You are looking for the fine print. You are thinking "No dental lab makes these bold guarantees. "


Why do we make a guarantee like this? With the rise of corporate dentistry and Dental Service Organizations (DSO's) purchasing dentists and dental labs left and right there has been an extreme downward pressure on prices and profitability for dentists and dental technicians. In 1990 there were more then 15,000 dental labs. In 2018 there are less then 5,000. There are over 30,000 dental techs. The industry is seeing massive consolidation. More labs are outsourcing to other regions of the world like Vietnam and China. Anything to get the price as low as possible. 

We have been the Harry and Davids of Dental Labs but we are trying to move towards a Costco model where you know you are paying the best price for the best quality.

We want to provide a premium product at a price that you know you are getting a good value. If you are looking for the Walmart model with the cheapest price and don't care about the quality there are plenty of labs out there we just aren't one of them. We believe in quality and it is just hard to focus on price and forget that these are going to be in someones mouth for a long time. 

ShadeGuideAsset 1.png

We have to be connected with our dentists to be successful. We want to know what you like or don't like.


We came up with our guarantee because we know that the best way to ensure satisfaction is to put a dollar sign next to it. We know the most important thing to most dentists is time. You have so many hours in your day and you have to be productive. Chair time is expensive but the dentists time is the key element of the practice.  So when we say we will deliver it on time or its free we mean it. You can't have your patient waiting, your chair reserved, and no crown to seat. 

Saving you time

TimeIsMoneyAsset 1.png

We want to work with the dentists who know how valuable their time is and appreciate a lab that does as well. Our biggest customers were Cerec doctors. They have interoral scanners and they know how to cut a perfect prep. They still offer same day crowns. Why are they our biggest customers? They realized like many others that they went to school to be dentists not technicians. They realized that the pay per hour as a dentist is 10-50 times that of a dental technician. When they have a patient waiting in a chair for 1.5 to 2 hours waiting for their crown to be ready to seat or their dental assistant who runs their CAD/CAM calls in sick they see the dollar signs circling the drain.  

Product Hybrid Lighter.png

I went to school to be a dentist not a tech

Why are we confident enough to make the guarantee?

TrustAsset 2.png



Our guarantee ensures that we have a level of trust in each other. We can't afford to give away our work for free. If we don't trust you when you tell us that your crown didn't fit we won't be working with you. You know you can trust us to always be putting our best foot forward because we put our money on the line.

TeamworkAsset 7.png



When you know you are being heard, not just that someone is listening on the other end of the phone, but someone is listening to intently to every word coming out of your mouth , you will be amazed at how effective communication can be. With our experience working with many different dentists we can also provide guidance on difficult cases.

QualityAsset 5.png


Work with the Best

We get to work with the best dentists. Our guarantee ensures that we can't afford to work with dentists who aren't the best in their class. If we can't see the margins we can't make a crown that fits perfectly. If we can't make a perfectly good fitting crown to your satisfaction we can't afford to be your lab. 

StrategyAsset 6.png



When you can count on your lab to execute at the level you demand you are able to focus on being a dentist. Feel free to call us out when you think our service is not up to par. We believe our level of service is world class and we strive to ensure you are happy.

InnovationAsset 3.png



Our Industry is changing. We renamed our lab Vanguard to focus on being a leader in the technology for the dental industry. Materials, Milling, 3D Printing, Modeling, Techniques, Strategies are all areas where we are seeing radical change. Staying abreast of these advances are important to us so we can provide the highest quality at a fair price. When we were only stacking porcelain and pressing e.max or Lisi our throughput was limited. With the digital advances and new materials we can produce better looking prosthetics in 1/4 of the time.

*The Rules


Be Fair

If you aren't happy with the fit its free. Fit is subjective... all we ask is that you be fair. 

Weather, Natural Disaster, Wars etc.


We aren't looking for excuses but we have to put this disclaimer.


Let us know immediately

Our guarantee only works if you let us know immediately. We have to address any problems immediately so that we can correct them. Waiting until the bill arrives and then calling and telling us that you aren't paying this invoice and that invoice because they didn't arrive on time or didn't fit won't work. Our guarantee is based on our commitment to provide the best service and the best quality every time and the belief that we do. We can't fix problems that we don't know about.

$250 Limit Per Case


We do have a $250 limit per case.  We believe this covers the cost on the competitive items such as crowns and shows that we are putting our money on the table with our guarantee.

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